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Sun City Summerlin Computer Club

The Computer Club’s mission is to help our members further their own interests in personal computing.

Membership is open to all Association members in good standing.  Annual dues are $10 per year.

The Club maintains and operates a Computer Lab and Classroom located in the Pinnacle Community Center, corner of Thomas W Ryan Blvd and Grand Cypress Ave.

The Club’s main activities and services include:
Monthly General Meeting at 2 P.M. the first Thursday of the month at Desert Vista Ballroom at Sun City Blvd and Thomas W Ryan Blvd.
The Club Web Site at shows the club’s weekly and monthly activity calendars and has a wealth of useful presentation material from past/future seminars and classes.  The most recent twelve issues of the on-line newsletter, the Gigabyte Gazette, are also available.

Weekly Repair Lab is a team of members who meet every Tuesday afternoon (1 P.M. to 4 P.M.) to help members resolve hardware and software problems with their computers.  This service is free to members of the Club.

SCSCC Helping Hands is a group of members who volunteer to help others cope with day-to-day computer problems.  Phone and email advice is available for word processing, printing, communications, graphs, etc.  This service is free to members of the Club.

Classes and Seminars for members are offered on basic computer topics and on the use of popular applications.  Our Boot Camp courses charge a modest fee to cover the cost of instructional aids and student materials.  Other classes and seminars are offered at no charge.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Kaffee Klatches:
A SIG is a small group of Club members (10 to 40 or more) who meet on a regular basis to pursue a particular topic of interest in personal computing.  See the Club web site for a list of currently active SIGs.  We also run a weekly free hardware/software repair service for members.  The Kaffee Klatches are one of the Club’s oldest and most popular activities where members meet over coffee to discuss recent releases of software and hardware, vexing problems, possible solutions and of course, free products and services.  See the website for schedules.

Contact:  President Jeff Wilkinson, 702-527-4056, for more information.

The monthly calendar can be found at:

The Gigabyte Gazette can be found at:

There will be no General Meeting held for the month August 2018.  Seminars and classes will continue to be held as announced.  Our September Meeting will include a Business Meeting so we can vote on our revised Club Constitution and Bylaws. A copy of our 2018 revised Constitution and Bylaws can be found on the Club website under “About SCSCC”. These rewrites bring us in compliance with the Association’s new Clubs and Community Organization Procedures Manual.  

For Club information go to, contact Jeff Wilkinson, President at (702) 527-4056 or email him at